Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Treat everything as fallen petals on flowing water, Bloor Street Toronto Summer 2008

爭先的徑路窄 退後一步 自寬平一步
濃艶的滋味短 淸淡一分 自悠長一分

맨 앞을 다투는 길은 좁으니 뒤로 한 발짝 물러서면
저절로 한 걸음이 여유로워 진다.
너무 진한 맛은 길지 못하니
한푼을 맑고 담백하게 하면 저절로 한푼이 여유롭게 지속된다.

Pursuing for the first place is too much competitive to get in,
try to hold your step one step back to behave properly.
Trying too hot and spicy will not last long.
Keeping yourself simple and serene makes you sober and relaxed for long..

Photo & Translation into English by Peter

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