Friday, December 18, 2009

非風非幡 what's moving.., Cumberland Toronto Winter 2009

움직이는 것은 나뭇닢이 아니야
바람이 움직이는 것도 아니구..

내 마음이 움직이는 거지..

하지만 그 마음조차 아니라 하네..

what's moving is not the leaves nor the wind..
but your mind..
it's not the mind either.. even..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

平常t心是道 Tao as staying unswayed .. 無門關 Dec 12 2009

flourishing flowers in the spring
we appreciate a full moon in the autumn
cool breeze in the summer day
we have snow fall in the winter..

free from all those nuisances
free from all the desires in vain
staying unswayed in everyday life
it is the very moment of being good
as a man toward Tao..

봄에는 온갖 꽃 피고, 가을에는 둥근 달
여름에는 시원한 바람, 겨울에는 눈이 오네.
만약 쓸데없는 일에 마음 걸어두지 않으면
그때가 바로 사람에게는 가장 좋은 시절이네.


* English translation by Peter

Friday, February 6, 2009

無爲自然 As nuatual as Mother Nature.., Redwood Meadowdale Ontario Jun 1 2008

林間松韻 임간송운
石上泉聲 석상천성
靜裏聽來 정리청래
識天地自然鳴佩 식천지자연명패

Listening wholly to the sounds of narration
being delivered by an old pine tree among other trees,
Resonating ears sincerely with the chant
being whispered by the small fountain over rock..
I know these are all for the songs of joy
of mother nature.

草際煙光 초제연광
水心雲影 수심운영
恨中觀去 한중관거
見乾坤最上文章 견건곤최상문장

Seeing nonchalantly the mirage
over the plain grasses in the field,
Being obsessed by the shadow of clouds
reflected from deep inside of water
I come into know that all these are for the great poems
being written by mother nature..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

德 Man of High Virtue , Active Volcano Masaya Nicaragua Dec 6 2005

竹影掃階塵不動 죽영소계진부동
月輪穿沼水無痕 월륜천소수무흔
水流壬急境常靜 수류임급경상정
花落雖頻意自閑 화락수빈의자한

No dust arises
though the shadow of the moon sweeps the step stone.
No ripple remains
though full moon perforates a hole over the pond..
Edge of the stream stays calm
though the current in the middle runs fast.
A plant never looses its serenity
though its flowers wax and wane incessantly..

* Photo and English Translation by Peter

Monday, January 12, 2009

自淸芳 Nothing Materialistic.., Niagara Fall Ontario Apr 2008

Nothing materialistic in mind, no worry to come up..

人心有個眞境 인심유개진경
사람의 마음에는 저마다 참된 경계가 있으니
非絲非竹而自括愉 비사비죽이자괄유
거문고나 피리가 아니라도 고요해지고 즐거우며
不煙不茗而自廳芳 불연명이자청방
향을 피우고 차를 끓이지 않아도 스스로 맑은 향이 일어난다.
Since every individual has true boundary of oneself
One could be serene and truly satisfactory
without sweet sound of harp or flute.
Fresh aroma could arise
even without burning any scent or boiling tea..

須念淨境空 수념정경공
모름지기 생각을 조촐히 하고, 경계를 비우며,
慮忘形釋 여망형석
사고를 잊어버리고 형해(形骸)를 풀어야만
縡得以遊衍基中 재득이유연기중
비로소 그 가운데서 노닐면서 소요하리라

One could take a stoll in the mist of the serenity
only when one thinks humbly, breaks the boundary,
forgets keep thinking and dismantle the body of shape..

홍자성 채근담, 장연 옮김, Peter for Photo & English Translation