Friday, February 6, 2009

無爲自然 As nuatual as Mother Nature.., Redwood Meadowdale Ontario Jun 1 2008

林間松韻 임간송운
石上泉聲 석상천성
靜裏聽來 정리청래
識天地自然鳴佩 식천지자연명패

Listening wholly to the sounds of narration
being delivered by an old pine tree among other trees,
Resonating ears sincerely with the chant
being whispered by the small fountain over rock..
I know these are all for the songs of joy
of mother nature.

草際煙光 초제연광
水心雲影 수심운영
恨中觀去 한중관거
見乾坤最上文章 견건곤최상문장

Seeing nonchalantly the mirage
over the plain grasses in the field,
Being obsessed by the shadow of clouds
reflected from deep inside of water
I come into know that all these are for the great poems
being written by mother nature..

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